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How does a Mediator become Certified?

In Massachusetts, as in most states, there is no certification or license provided by the Commonwealth certifying mediators. Under the mediator confidentiality statute, Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 233, Section 23C, mediators who have taken at least 30 hours of training and meet other requirements, have confidentiality protections in their client communications. However, the trainings are not monitored by the Commonwealth and a trained mediator is not the same as a certified mediator.

Some private organizations do provide certification for mediators, including MCFM. If you see a mediator claiming to be certified you should ask what organization has provided their certification and what are the requirements for obtaining that certification.

Not all Certifications are created equal!

For example, MCFM publishes their certification requirements here. MCFM was the first organization to certify family mediators in Massachusetts and certification is reserved for members of the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation with significant mediation experience, advanced training, and education. The purpose of the MCFM mediation certification program is to promote high standards for the practice of divorce mediation.

You can spot an MCFM Certified Mediator by their use of the MCFM Certified Mediator Logo, visible in my signature line below.

Click here if you're interested in becoming an MCFM certified mediator.

Click here if you want to see the current list of MCFM certified mediators. 

Justin Kelsey

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