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Wanted: Diverse Divorce Practitioners. Why Diversity is Good for All of Us

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Wanted: Diverse Divorce Practitioners. Why Diversity is Good for All of Us

By Valerie Qian

Cultural competence and sensitivity to the needs of diverse clients are an essential part of being an effective and successful professional.


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My father-in-law recently underwent surgery to remove a kidney stone. It happened at a big hospital in New York City which, I understand, has an excellent urology department. As a first-generation immigrant from Shanghai, my father-in-law speaks limited English. After the surgery, while he was...

Facilitated Family Meetings

Monday, September 17, 2018
Facilitated Family Meetings
family discussion with two men.jpgI suspect many of us have experienced, at one time or another, how quickly extended family conflicts can unfold, and the damaging impact on valued relationships that often follows.  Identity and values conflicts among family members may emerge and communication may unravel.  Even in the closest of families, feelings about issues relating to aging parents or other loved ones run deep, and adult children and grandchildren may have vastly different perspectives regarding how evolving challenges should be managed.  It is not uncommon for longstanding sibling rivalries to manifest as family members attempt to tackle...

Letter from Past President Barbara Kellman

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

It has been an honor to serve for two years as MCFM President.  Now if I could only convince Mr. Trump of the value of a two-year presidency. . .  but, back to reality.

Our profession is extraordinarily important as we encourage parties to actually listen to and to hear the real (i.e., non-fake) needs and interests of each other.  Whether their needs and interests intersect only a bit or a lot, in one place or in several, it is our job to help them to see and strengthen those intersection(s).  

Easier Said Than Done 

Though it is easier said than done, like our Senator Warren, we Persist.  We seek connections that have been lost or perhaps were never sufficiently strong.  We promote disclosure in situations that can be fraught with mistrust, suspicion, and secrecy.  We encourage looking forward through the whole, wide windshield in front of us and not back through the small rearview mirror, as Kate Fanger taught me.

Why do...

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