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Basic Annual Membership entitles you to a standard listing in MCFM’s online Member Directory. You must purchase a Premium Annual Membership with Referral List and Profile if you wish to be included in the Referral Directory/Find a Mediator search pages. Only individuals who are actively practicing mediation and who have completed at least 30 hours of mediation training may purchase a Premium Annual Membership. Find out more about MCFM memberships

Payment: After you submit the application form below, you will be taken to our payment page. MCFM accepts credit cards only (Visa/MasterCard/Discover/Amex). Please be sure to enter your billing name and billing address on the payment form as they appear on your credit card statement. If there is a mismatch, MCFM's credit card processor will decline your transaction. MCFM does not process offline transactions.

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PLEASE NOTE: All fields marked with an * in the form below are required.

New Member Information

Your membership will be activated upon receipt of your payment. You will also receive an email from "" containing account and login information for the MCFM site. You must log in to your member account to make changes to the information on this form and to view members-only content.

All members will be listed in the online Member Directory. Premium members will also be listed in the online "Find a Mediator Near You" Referral Directory search.

Renewing Member Information

Current MCFM members can renew their Basic or Premium memberships using this form. Expired MCFM members can renew using this form if their memberships expired AFTER October 1, 2015. Members who expired BEFORE that date should contact the MCFM Administrator for assistance BEFORE completing this form.

To ensure your renewal is applied to your account, please make sure you have either followed the link from your renewal reminder email or you have logged in to your member account and clicked "Renew Now" under "Member Status" in the right sidebar. Your latest member information will be prefilled in the form below.

Please note:

  • You can upgrade your membership to a Premium Membership when you renew.
  • You can renew at any time -- the additional year will be added to your current expiration date.
  • You can update your contact and profile information now.  Before your next renewal you can update your contact information by logging in to your website account and then selecting the "Edit Contact & Profile" link under "Member Status" in the right sidebar.


Member Contact Info
This section is just for MCFM to contact you. You can enter your address for the Member Directory and the Referral Directory in the "Online Directories: Office Locations" section below.
DO NOT include titles in this field (e.g., "Dr.").
Nickname: What are you called by your friends and colleagues? (For example: "Bob" for Robert, "Liz" for Elizabeth). If you go by your first name as it appears above, please reenter it below.
DO NOT include degrees or certifications in this field (e.g., "Esq.," "Ed.D.," "LICSW").
Mailing Address

Please enter your BUSINESS MAILING ADDRESS below. MCFM will use this address for official purposes only.

Enter 5-digit Zip Code
OPTIONAL: +4 digits of Zip Code
Online Directories: Office Locations

Physical Office Locations: Basic members and Premium members may list one office location (address and phone number) in the online Member Directory. Premium members may list up to two locations in the online Referral Directory. Business email addresses and website addresses are published for Premium members only.

All members should complete Physical Office Location #1. Premium members with a second office should also complete Physical Office Location #2.

Physical Office Location #1
Enter 5-digit Zip Code
OPTIONAL: +4 digits of Zip Code
MCFM will keep you notified of all MCFM activities and events and will forward professional news and events from select third parties. Both of these lists are low-volume and will help keep you informed. You may unsubscribe from either group at any time by logging in to your member account. NEW MEMBERS: MCFM encourages you to check BOTH mailing lists.

Online Directories: All members are included in the Member Directory. Premium members  and Premium Certified members are included in the Referral Directory. If, for any reason, you would prefer NOT to be included in these directories, please select "No" below.

All Members are displayed in the Member Directory unless this is turned off.
This only affects Premium and Premium Certified Mediators and their inclusion in the Referral Directory/Find a Mediator pages.
Membership Certification

NOTE: You must complete the following certification section in order to join MCFM or to renew with MCFM.

  • You are in good standing in your profession.
  • You will uphold MCFM's Standards of Practice. Review the MCFM Standards
  • You will hold MCFM harmless from claims arising from your mediation practice, including any errors or omissions in MCFM's directories.

Questions? Contact us.

Premium Certification
Premium Members must also certify that they have completed 30 hours of mediation training AND are currently practicing mediation professionally.
Premium Profile

NEW MEMBERS: The fields below are included in your online Referral directory listing. You don't have to enter all your information now -- you can always log back in to your member account after your membership is activated to make changes. To get started, MCFM recommends you enter your name as you wish it to appear in the directory and you check off your Practice Areas and the counties where you offer services. Then be sure to log in later and complete your profile!

RENEWING MEMBERS: Please take a moment to review your online Referral directory listing below and update it as needed. Two new fields are now available: You can format your name as you wish it to appear in the directory and you can add a brief tagline/personal statement. Be sure to take advantage of these new marketing features!

Practice Details
Enter your name (including titles/certifications) as you would like it to appear in your Referral Directory listing, e.g., "Jane Doe, LICSW"; "John Doe, Esq."
This is a short text field that displays in your directory listing. Give highlights of your practice, experience, expertise and maybe something personal (e.g., "enjoys sailing").
Select all of the mediation areas in which you practice:
Select all the counties you are available to work in:
Enter general information about your practice here. Note that generic information about where you practice (county), specialties, degrees and experience are best entered in other fields. You can enter a maximum of 3000 characters.
Provide specific details about where and when you work, if applicable.