Find a Mediator

Find a Mediator

Benefits of Family Mediation

In choosing Family Mediation, you are choosing a method that will enable you to:

  • Plan for your own future;
  • Accomplish your goals in a focused, thoughtful, and creative way;
  • Maintain control over your resolution and the process for getting there;
  • Reduce costs; and
  • Keep your situation private.

An alternative to litigation:

While acknowledging that in certain cases, relying on the courts to determine disputes is necessary, many cases can be successfully resolved with Family Mediation. In choosing litigation, your family situation becomes public record. Family law mediators offer a private and confidential method in which you can decide and plan for your family's future.

An empowering process:

With the assistance of family law mediators, the parties are empowered and encouraged to present their concerns to each other face-to-face. Trained family mediators are excellent at dealing with power imbalances between participants in a delicate but direct manner. Many if not most family disputes lend themselves to mediation.

Reducing stress and cost:

Through family mediation, the parties reduce the expenses and stress of court proceedings, and reduce the emotional toll of conflict. In divorce mediation and other family mediations (such as elder mediation, estate planning mediation, and family business mediation), the participants benefit greatly by preserving the possibility of ongoing relationships in the future, if they so choose.

Encouraging effective co-parenting:

When children are involved, the process of family law mediation involves mutual decision making by the parents instead of high conflict and court ordered solutions. This shields the children from the corrosiveness and bitterness that often spills over to them when the Courts and litigation are involved. Family mediation in this way strongly promotes and fosters the well-being of the children.

There are many types of family issues that can be resolved through mediation.