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Remote Mediation: A Viable Alternative During the COVID-19 Crisis

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If you have a court hearing scheduled in the next few weeks, most likely you've been told it's postponed.  

Now is the time to consider your alternatives to court. 

Remote online mediation is an option for those looking to resolve their issues without further delay. 

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MCFM President's Message - 2020

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Transcript of Audio:

Hi, I'm Justin Kelsey. My firm is Skylark Law & Mediation. My pronouns are he and him, and I'm the newly elected president of the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation and these are my brief thoughts on my hope for this organization.  This is my President's message

During my predecessor, Vicki Shemin's presidency, we updated our mission. Our mission is:

Advancing Mediation to transform the way families resolve conflict.

It's powerful! It's not just about mediating divorce even though that's a lot of what we all do. Looking to transform the way families resolve conflict requires us to look beyond just our private practices, beyond what we do in our offices and in our branding and in our mediation room. 

Transforming the way families resolve conflict...

Mediators Needed in this Time which Tries Our Souls

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Mediators Needed in this Time which Tries Our Souls

by David Kellem

I am calling upon all Professional Mediators to deploy as a powerful peacemaking force in our current national crisis.  We can do so individually and collectively; in our homes, our families, our workplaces, our social media circles, our communities, and anywhere people need to talk about, learn about, think about, and turn-about the social injustice that affects us overtly as well as in subtle, insidious ways. 
Why are mediators suited to this calling?
We are skilled in helping people reflect on their conflicts.  We are trained to bring forward the unmined interests which divide people on the surface.  We are...

Mediator as Moral Witness – A Case Study

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Mediator as Moral Witness – A Case Study

by David A. Hoffman

A few months ago, I gave a talk on the subject of "Mediator as Moral Witness" to a group of mediators, and received a call the next day. One of the mediators who attended the talk had used the approach I recommended, and it worked!! Here’s a description of the mediation (with identifying
information disguised to protect privacy and the confidentiality of the process).

In the Worcester District Court, a mediator met with Sheldon and Rick, two former friends,one now suing the other. They had been friends for at least thirty years – they played poker together each week, and lived in the same neighborhood until two years ago, when Rick moved to Los Angeles. “I was sick of the New England winters,”...

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